Nubim Kim

Piano / harmony / composition & arranging

Nubim (real name: Soyoung Kim, 1972) is a Korean composer/ pianist/ educator who has experiences in both architecture and music, jazz and classical music, and Eastern and Western culture. Nubim studied architecture at university, and worked at an architectural office for three years. She later majored in music in college and graduate school, and released albums which were well-received by critics. In 2015, Nubim moved to the Netherlands, where she obtained the 2nd master’s degree at Codarts (Rotterdam Conservatory).

Drawing on her background in majoring in both jazz and classical music at conservatories, Nubim pursues music full of originality and creativity that breaks the boundaries between jazz and classical music. Her compositions are published worldwide by Donemus which is a representative publisher in the Netherlands. Also, Nubim is a member of Nieuw Geneco (the Dutch professional association for composers). Nubim won prizes in several international music competitions and her music premiered at the great venues such as De Doelen and Laurenskerk Rotterdam.

Nubim is also a passionate educator. She has developed an approach to education and training in the creative and effective way. She had worked as a professor of music for 8 years at the major conservatories of Korea and gave special lectures at the University of Ljubliana, Slovenia.

As a professional musician pursuing modern classical music based on jazz harmony, Nubim is currently working as the leader of Nubim Kim Group which consists of the top performers in the Netherlands and she has been released her albums through her own independent label.


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