Juan Gabriel Romano


Born in Argentina, Juan Gabriel Romano is a tango pianist and arranger. His training began, as is the case with many tango musicians, in the area of classical music to expand further into tango and jazz. He studied at the Beethoven Conservatory in Buenos Aires, at the Gilardo Gilardi Conservatory in La Plata, and in the Academia Nacional del Tango in Buenos Aires where he specialized in piano styles. He also has a degree in Psychology (UCALP) and a Superior Diploma in Psychoanalysis and Education (FLACSO Buenos Aires). Having studied for years with the famous pianist Nicolás Ledesma, he completed his training at Codarts University of the Arts (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), where with his artistic research he seeked to apply the Scaramuzza technique to tango.

He is currently living in Europe. He has given numerous piano, chamber music and tango concerts both in Argentina and in Europe, and has participated in many local and international festivals. In December 2016, he coordinated the musical aspect of the show “Gerard Depardieu en el Colón”, at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, with TexoArt production.

His main current project is Opustango Quinteto, a typical tango quartet plus clarinet, where he has three roles: pianist, director and arranger. The Quintet’s latest album “Que Lo Paren” is an original tribute to Eduardo Rovira, Astor Piazzolla, Mariano Mores and Nicolás Ledesma.

In 2022 he founded Fuego Sur tango orchestra, based in Europe, with the double bass player Facundo Leónidas Di Pietro. Their performances cover a great milonguero and concert tango repertoire.