Miran Noh

Piano & keyboard

Miran Noh is a pianist, arranger, teacher and composer born in South Korea. She has graduated from classical composition at Chugye Art University in Seoul, from Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam in 2021 and has been studying with Johan Clement, Loran Witteveen, Marc van Roon and Franz von Chossy.

I got accepted to play my original piece in electronic music competition held by Korea Electronic Music Society (KEMS) and had a workshop to play an original acoustic piece at Iowa State University in U.S. I have been nominated for Leiden Jazz Award 2021(Semi-final), Grachten Jazz competition 2021(semi-final) , the Erasmus Jazz Prize 2021 (final), Karel Van Eerd Music Award 2021(semi-final) and I have won the Eramus Jazz Prijs 2022 with Eleutheria.

I am involved with several bands such as NOHMI quintet (my project), Su Nichel (Jazz), Eleutheria (Jazz), Sophie Zelan(soul/pop), Hatkalya(jazz) and Toni trio(Tango).

I have started to play jazz in the Netherlands scene such as Jazz cafes, Erasmus University (Talk Show), International Film Festival Rotterdam(IFFR) in 2019 and 2020, LanternVenster for Women’s day celebration and Codarts Big Band, all kinds of events in City hall, Council (Raad Van State) ,North Sea Round Town(NSRT) in 2019, 2021 and 2022, Historical Jazz Route: Joost Patocka plays for B14, organised by International Jazz Rotterdam, played for a lecture in Erasmus University with Han Mantel and Delfshaven festival with Nils van Haften.

I have also performed at Injazz festival with Eleutheria, North Sea Jazz Festival 2022 with Eleutheria and Anita band. The first single album, “A Bird At the Edge” was released on 15 July 2022 and the full album will be released on October 2022.

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